Climate Cubes

The Project

Climate Cubes is a unique collection of visualizations depicting the impact of climate change on Earth. Through these NFTs, we aim to raise awareness of the climate crisis and showcase the consequences of inaction.

Our goal is to challenge the notion that blockchain technology has a negative environmental impact by demonstrating that NFTs can be environmentally responsible.

We are committed to ensuring that the entire project, including all secondary market transactions, is carbon offset. Additionally, we will invest in renewable energy and reforestation to achieve 100% carbon neutrality.

Our team is dedicated to delivering ongoing value to Climate Cubes holders and investors through continuous innovation, as outlined in our roadmap.

gif of planet generation progression

Random generation

The Climate Cubes algorithm is unique among NFT collections. It utilizes a random seed, akin to Minecraft, to determine the characteristics of the base planet. This seed also generates a human society with cities and power plants, including renewable options.

Using a complex procedural generation system, it carefully analyzes and places various elements across the 8192 tiles. The algorithm considers 24 environmental factors, 10 types of pollution, 9 biomes, and over 40 individual buildings.

It calculates the impact of pollution, such as greenhouse gases, global warming, deforestation, and desertification, while determining the appropriate level of destruction and its visual representation.

World building

The planet consists of 8,192 tiles, each generated with a variety of 40+ elements, including palm trees and oil rigs.

Next, the planet's temperature, biomes, and historical human impact are determined by factors such as pollution, greenhouse gases, and global warming.

The result is an entirely unique depiction of an alternative outcome to the current climate crisis.

gif of planet generation progression


The Climate Cubes NFT collection utilizes a diverse range of over 40 design elements to populate each planet. These elements include:

  • Cities
  • Trees
  • Coal plants
  • Nuclear plants
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Oil rigs

The algorithm carefully selects these elements based on more than 20 variables, such as the planet's temperature, water level, and energy consumption.

To get a glimpse of these design elements, feel free to explore our gallery.


primitive city

Public Announcement

  • Climate Cubes website, Discord, Instagram, and Twitter are launched.
planet 87
MAY 2022

Climate Cubes Planets

  • Climate Cubes are officially out and will be available for minting.
  • Going above and beyond offsetting the carbon emissions of the project and becoming carbon negative.
JUNE 2022

Climate Cubes Chunks

  • A curated series of 50 NFTs to showcase the biomes and assets/buildings that star in the climate cube planets.
  • This drop will feature each of the Planets' 40+ elements individually as well as some more advanced biomes.
JULY 2022

FPV 3D Planet

  • Step into your planet and look at it from a new perspective.
  • A platform where you can inspect (zoom in, spin, manipulate) the planets you own, as well as gamify them and allow you to walk around and explore your planet from an FPS perspective.
Q3 2022

Planet B

  • Like a “mutated” alternative collection, narratively represents a “second planet” to give humanity a successor to Earth.